P&O Cruises Britannia – a fresh perspective

Happy mid-week everyone – we’re half way to the weekend again! Things have been super busy since I came down from my cruising cloud just over a week ago and it’s been taking a while for me to readjust and catch up with everything. Not a minute has passed when I haven’t wished I was back in the Caribbean – and the British weather certainly … Continue reading P&O Cruises Britannia – a fresh perspective

Accessibility at sea – P&O Cruises Britannia

It’s a topic I have spoke about in a previous post, so it is no secret that accessibility and inclusion are both important aspects in many areas of my life. Whilst onboard I have received several questions and requests to cover accessibility onboard P&O Cruises Britannia, and so I thought why not make it the subject of my next post! At 3 years old, Britannia … Continue reading Accessibility at sea – P&O Cruises Britannia

Accessibility at Sea

A topic close to my heart is accessibility and inclusion for everyone.  From a young age I have been surrounded by children and young adults who have various special educational needs and disabilities.  For several years my family and I have been apart of our local shared care network, providing rest breaks for parents and their children with disabilities, whilst also running an inclusive pre-school which … Continue reading Accessibility at Sea