Roll Call! All aboard P&O Oceana!

The gloom of January has now passed and we welcome February with renewed vigour…or try to at least! The evenings are (slowly) getting lighter and there is an essence of Spring in the air, even if the UK is currently experiencing a deep freeze! But what better way to welcome a new month in than with a cruise!

I could quite literately live on a cruise ship! I don’t spend anywhere near as much time onboard as I would like to and so am always on the look out for that sneaky little bargain or extra few days here and there to sail away with! My last cruise seems like a lifetime ago. In reality it was only just over 2 months ago that I was onboard P&O Aurora in search of the Northern Lights (I will be sharing more on this adventure in the coming weeks!) and with our next big cruise scheduled in March around my Birthday, I couldn’t help squeezing this late booking in the middle to tide me over.

Oceana is a much loved ship within P&O’s fleet and holds a a special place in many passengers hearts. A mid-sized ship with a personality that packs a punch, she has a lot to offer. My first cruise with P&O Cruises was onboard Oceana back in April 2011 and we had a fantastic week onboard. In December 2012 we boarded straight after a major refit to spend Christmas week with P&O, but since then I have not been back, tending to stick with my favourites Aurora and Britannia!

Oceana’s palm tree atrium pre 2017 refit

Now, just over 4 years later, I am boarding her once again for a 4 night getaway where I can escape reality and absorb myself in total relaxation. It will be interesting to see how she’s fairing, but having been in for a recent refit she should be looking lovely and refreshed! Several of her public areas have received the upgrade treatment including Magnums bar and the Plaza buffet area (somewhere that did need an update!). Oceana’s atrium is one of the most stunning in the fleet and even that has received a refresh – one which apparently has seen the disappearance of her signature palm trees…! We shall see…

So there is a lot to look forward to and I can’t wait to get onboard this Wednesday. Of course I will be keeping you updated a long the way, so stay tuned! And if you want to know something about Oceana…let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.

Keep smiling and happy sailing! 🙂

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